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Sierra's Magnetic Water Pencil

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Dr. Sierra’s Magnetic Pencil


Dr. Sierra’s Magnetic pencil is a stainless steel stick with a magnet at the end, utilized to polarize the water and other liquids. It is a simple and convenient tool for every family. It takes only seconds for the stick to transform regular drinking water into an extremely healthy beverage, which, if consumed regularly, will significantly improve your well-being, vitality, work performance and give energy for the whole day.

Magnetic water has been used in Russia, Japan and Europe for well over 60 years and there are areas of Japan where magnetized water has been used for over a thousand years where they live up to a very healthy 150 years of age. They attribute this age and health to the magnetic water they drink. Our bodies are 72 to 78 percent water. Drinking liquids that have been magnetized by using the Magnetic Muddler enhance our health considerably as the magnetic water is absorbed by the body’s entire system. There has been considerable research done in China and in this country that indicate that by drinking magnetized water, our body will get healthy and stay healthy! 

In Puerto Rico, Dr. Ralph U. Sierra, scientist and pioneer of Biomagnetism, found that by taking magnetized water, our body will become healthy and stay healthy. It is the water that Dr. Irma Sierra, daughter of Dr. Ralph Sierra, drinks and recommends since she has been polarizing the water to consume for nearly 50 years as well as her children since being in the womb, with excellent results.

Benefits of magnetized (polarized) water / drinks:

• Balances the circulatory system
• Improves digestion
• Normalizes bowel movement
• Improved renal function and relieves urinary infections
• Strengthens the nervous system
• Enhances the immune system.
• It reduces inflammation and relieves pain
• Relieves colds, coughs, fever and chills
• Activate detoxification processes
• Give health and energy to the person taking it regularly
• Maintains the balance of the magnetic fields of the body
• Reduce excess acidity
• Can be consumed by the whole family
• Recommended to stay free of aches and / or digestive conditions.

Drinking magnetized liquids using the magnetic pencil can considerably enhance our health as they are absorbed by all our body systems.

Pencil Description:

Material: made of stainless steel with a magnet with both polarities at one end.
Length: 6 ", six inches.

How do you use it:

Place the magnetic pencil inside a glass with liquid. It can be used in any beverage, soup, tea, coffee, sauces, dressings, cold or hot, but not boiling. It takes about 30 seconds to magnetize an 8oz liquid. If you are interested in obtaining a greater amount and save magnetized water, it can be refrigerated or stocked at a normal temperature for up to 48 hours without loss of polarization. Just fill a large glass of water with the magnetic pencil in for three minutes. Continue preparing polarized water, glass by glass, until the container is full. This amount of water should be used within 48 hours. The tip of the pencil is both magnetic poles.
1.800.761.5767 or 787.782.5767

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product and expressed information is not intended to prevent, treat, cure, mitigate or diagnose any disease or replace the professional medical advice.

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